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Hello, welcome to my first website!

I was born on 14th December 2005.

Here is a photo of me, but you can also see more pictures at my Daddy's online mulitmedia gallery:
DHD Multimedia Gallery


This is me 3 days old in my pram.

Damon, Eloise and Jean

Here I am with my Mummy and Daddy at 3 days old.

Grandad, Eloise and Nanny

Here I am with my Nanny and Grandad at 3 days old.


My first Christmas - love the suit Nanny!

Eloise and Grandad

Here I am with my Grandad Adam at 4 weeks old.


Here I am on my jungle gym - I like the donkey that plays tunes!

Eloise Eloise

Here I am at 7 weeks old.

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